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At 844 Gulf & Prime on Marco Island, we have masterfully paired our gourmet and premium beverage menus with exceptional hospitality to create a luxurious fine dining experience. 844 Gulf & Prime offers selections from land and sea in classic dishes in modern American style. Featured on Marco Islands' main road, 844 Bald Eagle Drive has a longstanding history of culinary success. Accomplished restaurateurs Tim Keaney and Tim McCoy, alongside talented Executive Chef Anthony Newton, have put together a comfortable atmosphere and an appetizing menu for everyone to enjoy. 844 Gulf & Prime is the perfect destination for friends and colleagues to socialize, families looking to eat together, and couples seeking Florida casual.

Gourmet Dish

Executive Chef Anthony Newton

Anthony Newton gained his vibrant passion for food from his Sicilian grandmother while growing up in northeast Ohio. He laid the first stone in becoming a professional chef with an apprenticeship under Master Chef Hiroshi Noguchi of Japan, which is when he began his world travels. Chef Newton has had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse collection of fine-dining chefs. Chef Newton has had the honor of cooking for two Presidents of the United States.

He became a master of the brigade de cuisine at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida, then refined his fine dining expertise as the Executive Sous Chef at the Marco Island Hilton Hotel. In his long career as an Executive, Chef Newton has led restaurants of numerous country clubs in Collier County, Florida. He then returned to Naples and with the help of his family opened his own restaurant.

A Man Preparing a Salad
Wine Glasses

In September of  2021, Chef Newton joined Tim McCoy & Tim Keaney in developing 844

Gulf & Prime. Over the next two years, in collaboration with their partner Kent Strosnider, he meticulously developed a state-of-the-art kitchen at 844 Gulf & Prime, as well as the original signature dishes and the delicious menu. He has prepared the beverage menu to complement all of his gourmet dishes, which include premium wines, spirits, and specialized cocktails.

Chef Newton has said 844 Gulf & Prime is one of the finest projects he's been part of and has a kitchen and dining staff that harmonizes well with the ambiance of 844 Gulf & Prime. When Anthony isn't in the kitchen or speaking with patrons, he can be found fishing or with his family.

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